Question about American Prospects by Sternfeld

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    I've finally grabbed a copy of the ever expensive American Prospects by Joel Sternfeld - it very shortly went down in price on Amazon, by £15 - since a reissue is due. Today, I see it went back to the original price, but the new version isn't out until April?

    A review on Conscientious Extended (dated January 2013) is of the 2012 edition, which has 160 pages. The issue I've just bought is apparently 2004, with 136 pages and now there is a new edition due out in April - 160 pages!? It looks like the book was particularly in vogue last year - I can only guess this has something to do with Alec Soth.

    I'm not too bothered which version I receive, I'm just trying to understand why the 2012 edition is out of print, but the 2004 isn't? Is Amazon playing games?

    Does anyone have either the 2004 or 2012 copies?
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    Amazon tracks you and plays games with the prices. The more you appear to want something the higher the price is set.