Push Tmax400 in a 1+9 dilution?

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    Oct 18, 2008
    I searched but i haven't found a satisfying answer so i will ask!

    I have two rolls of tmax400 (the new emoulsion TMY-2) that is shot at 1600
    Most of them are night shots with (i imagine) considerable shadow detail, that i want to be visible.
    I have pushed to 1600 before and used the kodak recommended times for a 1+4 dilution but there was a lot of shadow loss. More than i want for these films that is.
    I am thinking of using a 1+7 or 1+9 dillution this time, but i can't find any times for it.
    I calculated smth based on the time that kodak gives for 400 and 1+9 (20min). It says to multiply with 1.33 for a 2 stop push and it gives 26.6min

    So if i develop them in a 1+9 dilution for 27min in 20C i would be fine? Anyone actually done this or have a better solution?

    I forgot to mention that i use Tmax Developer

    Thank you