Project Basho Newsletter May '10: Find a Fresh Perspective

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    Summer Semester Starts in June

    Summer is just around the corner and we are looking forward to a busy semester of photography classes and workshops!

    The summer will bring a handful of newly-developed classes as well as our old classics. For photographers who are comfortable behind the camera but do not know what to do with all the images they have made, we are excited to introduce a new 5-week class on Adobe Lightroom. This powerful software is an elegant solution the problem of organizing, editing, and exporting large libraries of images. Participants will establish an intuitive workflow that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of their practice.

    Building off the popularity of Learning Your Digital SLR, we have also developed Digital SLR in Practice, a one-day shooting-oriented class in which students will be able to integrate key concepts under the guidance of an instructor. Students will have a chance to experiment with depth-of-field, motion-blur, and panning while incorporating compostional elements like negative space and proportion. This dyanamic class is an invaluable experience for students who learn by doing rather than by seeing.

    Additionally, we continue to provide our popular series of beginner classes, Photographic Vision I and Photographic Vision Digital I. In these comprehensive, semester-long courses, students synthesize the technical considerations of exposure, camera operation, and printing as means for creative visual expression. Through lectures and assignments students will be pushed to examine their surroundings with fresh eyes while mastering the fundamentals of shooting, editing, and printing.

    To learn more about our educational offerings, take a look at our classes and workshops page or contact us directly.

    Friends of Project Basho Exhibition

    We are excited to announce a new show opening in our gallery in June. Friends of Project Basho, an annual exhibition of work by photographers actively engaged in practice at our studio, will open with a reception on Friday, June 25 from 6 - 8 pm. The show features work by Project Basho's instructors, students, members, and volunteers. The works cover a diverse range of media, styles, and subject matter. We hope you will join us in June for a survey of the diverse photographic practices that surround our dedicated community.

    Inquire Within - Now Hiring

    Project Basho is actively seeking individuals with a strong passion for teaching photography to join our dedicated team of instructors. We are interested in working with creative individuals with a strong involvement in photography, expertise in their particular area of specialization, and a genuine passion for sharing their knowledge with students. Opportunities range from weekend workshops and private lessons to semester-long classes.

    For more information please visit our opportunities page.

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