Production scratch in HP5?

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    I've been running rolls of HP5 through my holga lately, and the last two rolls in a row i've gotten a scratch that runs about halfway through the roll. on the film the line is clear, so it prints black. but the wierd thing is that it is not on the base of the film, nor the emulsion side. i rolled the negatives in the light and could not find evidence of a scratch, but when you put it on a lightbox it's there.

    This seems similar to a production flaw that I experienced a year ago with Foma films. But I would never expect this from Ilford. My other favorite film is Fuji Neopan and I have never experienced any flaws with this film.

    I've attached a scan of a neg. The black line running horizonally in the middle is the flaw. The wierd thing is that it's not perfectly straight. Anyone ever seen anything like this before? Anything to do in printing about this? Besides bleaching and retouching... it would be nicer if it printed white.

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