Printing From Film Negatives with Ray Nelson /May 2-4, 2014 or October 10-12, 2014

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    8x10 Format
    You will learn to make 8x10 black & white photographs on silver gelatin photographic papers in a traditional “wet” darkroom. You will mix photographic chemistry, lay out your processing steps and expose photographic paper using a variable contrast printing system to create black & white photographs. If you haven't done so already you will start by making a “contact sheet” to better view your negatives, then use the contact sheet to select a negative suitable for printing.
    You will use variable contrast papers and expose and develop your photograph. You will learn a systematic way to arrive at your preferred exposure using variable contrast filtration. You will evaluate your work to refine and improve results. You will learn to “dodge & burn”, use filters, paper flashing, and other techniques to affect your results. You will learn bleach & redevelopment and toning techniques to refine your prints and improve their archival stability. You will leave with quality black & white prints suitable for framing.
    Friday – Meet & Greet and Familiarization with Facilities & Equipment
    Saturday – Lecture & Practice
    Lab Procedures & Safety, Chemistry, Papers, Supplies.
    Making a Contact Sheet & Using it to select a negative to print
    A procedure to create your work print
    Photograph Printing - Refining your print technique
    Sunday – Lecture & Practice
    Photograph Printing - Refining your print technique
    Print Toning, Bleach & Redevelopment
    Monday – Practice & Wrap up
    Photograph Printing & Print Toning
    What to Bring:
    Notebook, pen/pencil, Willingness to learn, Patience
    A more specific list of all equipment and materials needed will be sent to you via e-mail in advance of your course.

    Tuition includes housing, meals and lab supplies

    Tuition: 495.00

    Workshops in Montana
    7079 Hwy 83 N
    Condon MT 59826
    (800) 922-5255 / 406-754-2891
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