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    Help a fellow photog via Rocky Mountain News print auction
    Joe Mahoney, Photographer
    Denver | CO | United States | Posted: 8:35 PM on 03.13.06
    ->> [Disclaimer: I posted this a bit earlier with a very SPAM-like title that I know would make me ignore the posting. With many apologizes to the admins (Couldn't find a way to edit my original post...) I'm going to whack the board again and hope the post now has a more relevant title. I know you guys can't be that indifferent toward helping a good cause! ;-) ]

    Greetings Sportsshooter-ites,

    One of my colleagues at the Rocky Mountain News, Steve Nickerson, is battling a rare and life-threatening form of the disease Scleroderma. He has recently found a very promising treatment but the catch is that it is ungodly expensive. Unfortunately, the insurance company WON'T cover the treatments.

    Our staff has been working on staging a print auction with all proceeds going toward Steve's treatment fund. So I'm putting a shout out to all you folks who'd like to contribute a photo (or photos) to the cause. Any image that you are proud of and more specifically will generate a high bid is welcome. To date we have a number of Pulitzer-winning images, work from Eugene Richards, Jim Natchwey, Joe Rosenthal and many others, but more are needed. (Note: Prints can't be returned if they don't sell.)

    The event is March 26, but we'd like to get prints by March 23rd. Here is a link to the "event page" for the auction:

    Ship what you have to:
    Dennis Schroeder
    Photography Department
    The Rocky Mountain News
    400 W. Colfax Avenue
    Denver, Colo 80204

    Here is a story about Steve at

    Thank you VERY MUCH and email me if you have any questions
    -- Joe Mahoney Staff Photographer/The Rocky Mountain News

    (PS: I'll have to leave it to anyone contributing to get clearances from any league or team regarding this kind of 're-sale.' I'm waiting an answer from the NFL on something I'd like to donate.)
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    My God, what a horrific disease! Best of luck with the auction and my thoughts are with Mr. Nickerson as well as his family.
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    A photo from me ships tomorrow. Good luck!