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    Hi all--
    This is probably a dumb question, the results are probably not going to be great, but here goes. I just recently was given a cool old zoom lens for an 8mm movie camera. What I would like to do is add some sort of lens behind this one to hopefully give it some added coverage. Sharpness is definitely not an issue, I just want to make some sort of Frankenstein camera. I'm hoping to get coverage up to 120 film...any thoughts on what would be a good/cheapish thing to try?

    Dr. Frankenfilm
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    A lens like that will have an exeedingly small FFD and I doubt there is a ready made optic (most probably wouldn't even fit in the FFD) that will accommodate that and even so by the time you add an optic and move the plane of focus back to where it will need to be it will likely be impractically slooooow. But, maybe someone will tell me I'm wrong...

    You might have an easier time and more fun messing with a sh!t pipe lens with magnifying glass elements or something.