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    Here is an email about a group purchase for some custom banquet camera negative sized portfolio boxes:

    Greetings everyone,


    As promised, I am providing everyone with the full details of the group purchase for portfolio boxes for banquet formats. It’s taken some time to get this all together, but I think it’s going to be worth it for everyone. The company we have selected to build the boxes is called Portfoliobox, Inc. They are based inRhode Island, and all they do is make custom portfolio boxes for artists and photographers, and other larger clients. You can go to their website to see the scope of their products at:




    First, the boxes will be available in two sizes in the group purchase. The nominal sizes are:





    These are sized to fit a mounted 7x17 and 12x20 images, with 4” of matt around the image. The depth is sufficient to accommodate 12 images, matted and overmatted with 4-ply mattboard.


    There is the possibility for several additional portfolio box sizes. These include:






    I think there will be enough interest in the 22x25 size to make it go.


    Here’s what the boxes are going to look like:



    This is called a “lipped clamshell box”, and is similar to the nicest boxes that are available from Light Impressions, Archival Methods, and other places. HOWEVER, THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. These boxes are actually made to a higher standard than the portfolio boxes made by the typical catalogue stores. First of all, the materials used for the boxes are a bit more robust (these are made with Basswood sides as opposed to cardboard sides, for example).


    I think the attention to detail will be higher with these boxes, also. Each one will be hand-wrapped with the linen, so the quality of the assembly can be brought to a higher level. AND, OF COURSE, THESE ARE AVAILABLE IN BANQUET-SIZED BOXES, which are not really available from the catalogue stores without large minimum orders.


    We have selected a very nice dark brown/warm grey color for the linen. This comes from a German linen line called “Iris”, and the color is #817 (Coffee).



    This color image file is a little cool and a bit too dark on my calibrated screen, but you should get the idea that it is a warm grey color. I would estimate the color to be about at the #9 step on a Kodak Gray Scale chart, which puts it about 1 stop darker than 18%. 


    This linen is actually a slight upgrade from the basic linens that are available, but we felt that the few dollar cost increase was well worth it, considering how well this color appears to work with platinum/palladium and black&white prints. #817 was initially selected by a handful of people as a very nice, non-assuming color that has a bit more ‘character’ than the straightforward black or dark grey that most portfolio boxes are finished with. Then, the owner of Portfoliobox mentioned to me how well #817 complements the tones in B&W and pt/pd prints, which confirmed the general impression that we had.


    The Iris linen is a little nicer finished material than the basic linen that most boxes come in. It has little bit of “smoothness” to it, which I think is a result of a mild buffing of the fabric. It’s a very subtle difference, but it does have the feel of a bit higher quality than the baseline linen.



    Now for the all important information; pricing.



    For the 15x25 box, it will cost $75 plus shipping.

    For the 20x28 box, it will cost $85 plus shipping.




    THESE PRICES ARE FIRM, AND REFLECT THE ECONOMY OF SCALE THAT PUTTING THIS ORDER TOGETHER WILL RESULT IN. Shipping will vary, but will run from about $10-12 for a single, and go down from there as you order more boxes. The larger boxes may be as high as $12-18 because of the size of the box (oversize shipping may apply). If you get a second and third box, the shipping may only be a nominal amount more than the single.


    THESE NUMBERS ARE BASED ON HAVING 15 BOXES OF EACH SIZE. I think we’re able to meet that without problem, and the price will go down if we get more than about 20 in one size. Substantially less than 15 per size will result in higher prices, but I think we have enough interest to not worry about that.


    For people interested in other sizes, you will be able to benefit from the volume of the order, and get better than one-off pricing for these. For example, if there are 3-5 of the 22x25 boxes, it will probably run about $95-100 per box.


    If there are other sizes that people are interested in, we need to discuss them, and see if there is enough interest to get it to go as part of the group purchase. Regardless of whether anyone else wants a box in the size you want, you can get that size, but the price for a single odd size will be higher due to the reduced economy of scale.








    I need an email from each of you with a commitment for boxes and the sizes you are interested. I also need your contact information (phone number and mailing address). I am not going to collect money. When all the data has been assembled, I will send it to Portfoliobox to begin the order process. At that point, each of you will have to either email, or call Portfoliobox, and confirm your contact and shipping information, as well as give them your credit card number for a deposit. I believe they will take a deposit of 50% to complete the order. Once that is done, they will make the boxes, and ship them to each of you directly.


    Because this is a group purchase, and my purchase helps your pricing, and your purchase helps my pricing, it is important that everyone who commits to purchase some boxes follow though and do so. I will be in contact with anyone who has not made contact with Portfoliobox to follow though. Once we have email commitments from everyone, we will set a deadline to get the order placed with Portfoliobox, so this does not drag on too long.


    If you have any questions, please email ASAP so that we can get you answers and not delay the ordering process. Portfoliobox estimated that delivery will take approximately 4-5 weeks from the order date, and this may stretch out a little if the order gets really big.





    Michael Mutmansky andClay Harmon