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    Theme is Plymouth, my town, not so long ago. A pop-up show (very short notice) of my photos and some others opening Friday, Sept 6, 6-9pm at The Gallery at Bramhall's, 2 Sandwich Road, Plymouth. Refreshments. It'll be up for a month.
    There have been seismic changes in what we call Plymouth center, once a village with a bakery, sporting goods shop, pharmacies, hardware stores, a department store, several large clothing stores, a library, a courthouse, a registry of deeds, a fire station, shoe stores, bookstores, a cobbler, ice cream parlor, a music shop, grocery stores, bars (one with the slogan "Swagger in, stagger out"), a newspaper office and plant, boys and girls club, furniture store, florist, coffee shops, stationery store, an assortment of small restaurants, sub shops and pizza places, a car dealer, a theater.
    Only a handful remain, the rest gone in the space of a generation, replaced with bars, banks, antique and consignment shops, restaurants, bars, banks, restaurants, and a coffee shop. No trouble finding a sandwich, pizza or a beer, or even a good meal. For everything else, get in the car. This is a glance at the near, and not so near, past. http://williamharting.com/plymouth/