PoleCat Shorties

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    Jan 13, 2006
    Complete set and probably never used with original canvas carry case. Heavy to pack and ship. Probably weighs over 30 pounds. These PoleCats are spring-loaded and can be stacked to extend from floor to ceiling almost anywhere for hanging backgrounds, scrims, lighting, reflectors, booms, microphones, etc.

    Almost every studio and location photgrapher had or still has a set of these. I can pack and ship the cheapest way (send me your zip code for a quote), or you can pick it up in Northern NJ. I'm in Essex County.

    A photographer is running this ad for the same set as mine:

    For $440 you get 14 black anodized aluminum 2' pole sections + 2 spring loaded sections for wedging poles between floor and ceiling, 2 bottom pole sections with clamps, 2 tripod connectors for freestanding background, 2 connectors to mate background stands with crossbar, 4 new rubber endcaps, in heavy duty Nylon carrycase.

    I think his price is too high, so how about $220, 1/2 of his price?

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