Polaroid 665 (One Box, Unopened) $50

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Hello all,
    I've got one box of Polaroid 665 left that I've been hanging on to, but never got around to using. The outside box is opened, but the foil packet is unopened as is the Print Coater. Film expired in March of '06. Was originally kept in a refrigerator, but the last couple of years has been in a cool, dark Rubbermaid container in a climate-controlled room. So the film should still work fine.

    I'm asking $50 OBO with shipping and PayPal to the continental US.

    In trade, I'm looking for B/W 4x5 sheet film (100 or 400 ISO) or a 4x focusing loupe for a 4x5 camera.

    Please send me a PM or email (matthewjmorse@gmail.com) if you're interested.
    Also, if you wouldn't mind, please place a comment on this thread so I'll know that you have sent me a PM.

    All the best,