Platinum Printing In The 21st Century With Tillman Crane

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    Platinum Printing in the 21st Century
    August 12-17th, 2012

    The 21st century has created opportunities for photographers in all formats, film or digital, to make platinum prints. In this workshop you will work with both the traditional and the NA2 platinum/palladium printing processes. Covered topics will include: paper choices, image color, contrast controls, basic hand coating methods, use of step wedges and masking techniques. With this workshop a first-time platinum printer will have the knowledge to make platinum prints in their own darkroom. The more experienced platinum printer can use this workshop to build their skill set and problem-solve printing issues.

    Students should bring negatives (4x5 to 8x10) or a CD of high quality scans. We will use Inkpress to make negatives on an Epson 3800 printer. The emphasis of this workshop is on making the platinum print so we will be using pre-determined curves and not individualizing curves for your home printers. Printing kits will be provided through Photographers’ Formulary. The lab is open 24 hours a day. As darkness is at 10 pm this time of year, there will be time to photograph in this beautiful area and you are encouraged to do so. A darkroom is available for film processing

    This workshop provides both a great introduction in the art of platinum printing as well as an opportunity for the more experienced printer to hone their technique. With plenty of one-on-one guidance and a focus on making prints, this workshop is guaranteed to build your skills as a platinum printer.

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