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    Well, I tried Ilford MGFB paper, and curling don't make anything wrong, so that is OK. But, when making prints, I noticed on two prints pink marks, like fingertips. I had to press with fingers paper because curling was too much for paper to be placed in easel (Meopta's)properly. And I noticed those pink marks while paper was still in fixer, before transferred from fixer to washing, so it is not short washing thing. . Other prints are perfect, so I don't think it is papers fault. I am just curius, do anyone knows what could cause those pink marks. Never had that issue with MGRC paper, and had on two FB sheets. Developer was prepared 10 minutes before printing session, and fixer and stop bath 2 weeks ago. All chemicals used under room temperature (max 24 Centigrades) and 2 minutes (few seconds more) prints were in developer and fixer and 30 seconds or more in stop bath.

    Oh, yes, on one print that pink mark was shown under clip which hold print when hang drying, but because that part of paper will be cut, no problems.

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    Found answer on ther thread, please ignore this.