Pinhole Camera Based Wearable Art Piece

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    Sep 27, 2011
    I can't find my artist statement that I had made up (other than the one pinned to the side of it in this photo) and I don't feel like re typing it, but it is pretty much a costume/camera inspired by aboriginal dance/story telling costumes. Not only is it a tool for my art, but it serves as a metaphorical representation of my relationship with the creative process. (once again, I will spare you the whole spiel)

    When worn, all that can be seen is the high contrast, inverted, and slightly abstracted depending on conditions image produced by the camera.

    The internal camera is cardboard, muslin for the seams, paint for blackening, salvaged materials for the pinhole and internal ground glass (plastic) that lets you see the image that the camera sees. There is a slot in the side that allows for the insertion of a dark slide. The shutter is currently a flap, but a more advanced one is in the works.

    The visible elements are made from felt, and a bit of paper for the front and in the "polyps" on top for texture. I made the pattern, all seams are double stitched. It is mostly machine sewn with a bit on hand sewing on the small parts of the tail and for the final closing seams. Some stuffing is quilt batting, the legs and tail are chipped styrofoam so that it rustles as you move, really gives it some personality.

    Please ask any questions you may have, I hope to take pictures with it soon, my schedule is very busy at the time with classwork and it's hard to make it down to the darkroom.


    The internal camera structure.
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