Pictograph Image Capture A Success!

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    Jun 17, 2004
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    I am very pleased with the now completed development and printing of the aboriginal Indian pictograph images taken during my Utah trip.
    Thanks to one of you that recommended Ilford OrthoPlus, the low contrast between the pictographs and the rock upon which they were inscribed, the prints grades upon which they were printed ranged from 2 ½ to 3.
    Ilford’s recommended developer (PQ Universal) was used.
    Duplicated negatives were made so I could experiment with the developer dilutions, time and the process.
    The “Intermediate Contrast” method recommended by Ilford did not produce enough contrast – and, I did not want to jump to their “High Contrast” method. So, I called Ilford USA tech support and got a call back the next day from a very helpful technician.
    He recommended the “Intermediate Contrast” method – but, suggested decreasing the dilution of the PQ Universal to 1+4 development and increasing the time to 12-minutes. Using my Combi T tank, this dilution, my method of agitation, and the 12-minute development time, the results were most pleasing.

    Thanks again for all the helpful comments and suggestions.
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    Well...lets see!!!!... :smile: