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    A thought has occurred to me, and some input would be appreciated. About a year ago, I began collecting various source manuals and other information for darkroom equipment. The intent was to get all of this stuff in a form available for folks who were regularly asking for the really hard to find.

    It was partially an exercise in herding cats. But the need for concise and defined info is still real. While developing a few client websites I had the opportunity to load a test instance of MediaWiki, which is the base engine of Wikipedia. In another instance of why I keep telling my shrink that the medicine does not work, it came to me that a solid photographic wiki might be a good thing....

    I am crossposting this message to APUG as well to feel out whether any other photographers/photo researchers would have an interest in helping to develop the project. My primary part in this would be to host and administer the site/software, and contribute what I can. PM me if interested!!!