Photopolis: Halifax (NS) Festival of Photography

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    A colleague of mine just handed me the program for Photopolis: Halifax Festival of Photography so I thought I'd mention it here for any eastern Canadians or northeastern Americans who are in or will be in Halifax, NS from October 1 to November 15.

    Many of the galleries in the city, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, the university galleries and many more are participating. Many opening receptions and schmoozing opportunities.

    More at the Photopolis website.

    Not sure how much of it I'll get to, but since I live right downtown I have little excuse not to, beyond my wallflower tendencies. I think for a few extra dollars as an opt-in, subscribers should be able to get an APUG pin to wear at shows, the coffee shop, wherever, sorta like a secret handshake we can use to identify friendly folks from the community :wink:

    Note to mods: this festival is mixed analog/digital. Feel free to send this off to the lounge if need be.
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    Wish I could be there.
    Family commitments won't allow for it.