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    Ok, folks. Many of you know about the twice-yearly show and sale that PHSNE puts on, but not as many people know as we would like to have know about it.
    Ergo, a press release!

    The short, important part is that the show this fall will be September 22 and 23, at the Americal Center in Wakefield, MA––the same place it has been held for the last few years. There will be over 80 tables of cameras, images, gear of all types and assorted photography "stuff", as well as the famous Dollar Table and an amazing auction after the show on Saturday.

    The Dollar Table and the auction bear some expanded coverage this fall. PHSNE has been helping a number of individuals liquidate estates and unwanted collections this summer and the number of items, both high-end and more common, to be cleared out at this show is amazing. I know because for the last 6 weeks I have been helping sort it out. There is enough camera gear that will bring serious interest to fill far more than one auction (we stopped at 150 pieces for this one) and enough dollar-table material to have us reload the tables almost hourly each day. I have personally packed over 20 moving boxes, and I was not working alone!

    If you come to one Photographica show this decade, make it this one. I will be on my road trip out west, so I can't be there, but believe me, I've put a few reserve bids down on items I know I don't need but can't live without. Come see if you outbid me.

    I will publish the auction list if and when it is available. Directions and details are here.