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Sep 6, 2002
Large Format
Hi all, When I was asking for an exchange link with Photovision Magazine the assistant editor, who is also the author of this book asked me to post a review of his book, as I have not read it he was gracious enough to send me a contents page.
It appears to be an interesting book dealing with alternative processes and some digital imaging. I am enclosing the text he sent me. If any of you have read it and would like to comment on it or are interested interested in purchasing it contact Robert Hirsch at:

Photographic Possibilities The Expressive Use of Ideas, Materials and Processes Second Edition

Robert Hirsch
Robert Hirsch is well regarded as a photographer, writer, lecturer, and professor. He has held numerous one-person shows, curated several exhibitions, and held many workshops and seminars on photography.

John Valentino
John Valentino teaches photography and electronic imaging at the University at Buffalo.

* New chapter on digital imaging
* Features artwork for almost 100 top photographers

* Explains key techniques such as Cyanotype, Polaroid transfers, and Photo Weaving

"...this is an invaluable resource for anybody who is interested in teh creative side of photography. As well as traditional techniques, the second edition now encompasses digital possibilities too." - Jon Tarrant, British Journal of Photography

In brief

Photographic Possibilities, Second Edition continues to provide a reliable source of techniques and ideas for the use of alternative and contemporary photographic processes that photographers have come to depend on. Professional photographers and advanced students seeking to increase their skills will discover modern and classic methods of creating and manipulating images. This practical guide integrates technical methods with the aesthetic outcome. It offers readers clear, step-by-step instructions on historic and on contemporary processes that integrate both the technical information and the aesthetic inspiration needed to create outstanding photographs.

This new expanded edition concisely covers the most significant new products, processes, and issues that have effected the practice during the past decade. Two new chapters are exclusively devoted to digital photography, covering the history of digital imaging as well as the latest techniques and practices. Also included is an in-depth discussion on the copyright, which deals with the ethical and conceptual issues surrounding digital imaging that are rapidly changing the world of photography.


Why We Make Photographs; Photographic Printmaking; Safety; Special-Use Films and Processing; Formulas of Your Own; Black­and-White Film Developers; Analog Printmaking: Equipment, Materials, and Processes; Black-and-White Paper Developers; Toning for Visual Effects; Special Cameras and Equipment; An Introduction to Some Widely Used Alternative Processes; Altering Photographic Concepts; Photography and Computers; Digital Input and Output; Index

Readership: Advanced photography students, professionals and advanced amateurs

ISBN: 0240803620 Paperback
Colour plates: 8 Line Illustrations: 0 Halftones: 131
Measurements: 8.5 x 11 In
Pages: 272

Publication Date: 11 May 2001

Price: $36.99
Price: $36.99
Offer code:

Published: 5/2001
Order by phone:


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