Photographic History and Technical Books For Sale.

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    4x5 Format
    I have tried to price them fairly. If you think the price is too high please make an offer.

    To buy send me a private message (PM) with your email address for use in communicating; I will provide my email address via PM.
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    Advanced Photography [Jun 01, 1980] Langford , Michael
    Used - Very Good $20, 1570983895

    Ambrotype Old and New by Thomas Febdvebel, [Paperback] 1980 Graphic Arts Research Center, rochester Institute of Technology. 0-89938-001-8 good condition $10

    American Icons [Paperback] [May 15, 2003] Gottlieb, Steve
    Used - Like New $15

    American Image, Photographing One Hundred Fifty Years in the Life of aNation
    by Martin Sandler, 1989 0-8092-4381-4 excellent condition w/DJ. 9.5 x 1 ¼ 264 pages $16

    American Photography: A Century of Images by Goldberg and Silberman.
    This was the companion book for the PBS special of the same name. American Photography: A Century of Images offers a dynamic look at the twentieth century's most pervasive visual medium. Examining the powerful role that photography has played in shaping our time, it focuses on 100 key photographs — one for each year of the century. Ranging from established artistic treasures to everyday snapshots to records of momentous historical events, these images, plus more that 75 others, chart the American experience from its grandest to its most intimate moments. $19

    Bibliography of photographic processes in use before 1880
    Their materials, processing, and conservation [Jan 01, 1980] Barger, M. Susan
    Used - Very Good

    Colour Photography in Practice (The Focal library) [Oct 01, 1966] Spencer, D.A.; Mannheim, L.A. and Hanworth, 2nd Viscount
    Used - Very Good $20

    Creative Photography: Aesthetic Trends 1839-1960 [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1962] Gernsheim, Helmut
    Collectible - Very Good $38

    Curious Moments [Feb 01, 2008] Hendrik Neubauer
    Used - Like New $10

    EUGENE ATGET from Aperature Masters of Photograph Series. Essays by Ben Lifson. 1997
    Like new w/ DJ $10

    George Eastman: A Biography [Apr 12, 1996] Brayer, Elizabeth
    Collectible signed by Author - Like New $50

    John Carbutt on the Frontiers of Photography [Jun 01, 1985] Brey, William
    Used - Very Good $50

    Making a photograph by Adams, Ansel, : An introduction to photography (How to do it series) [Jan 01, 1948]
    Used - Very Good $100

    Manual of Color Aerial Photography, First Edition by John T. Smith and Abraham Anson. Published by American Society of Photogrammetry 1968. 10 x 11 inches 550 pages. Includes ISCC-NBS Centroid Color Chips, 18 separate charts. $25.

    McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras 1995-96 (Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras) [Hardcover] [Jun 03, 1994] James M. McKeown & Joan C. McKeown
    Collectible - Like New $50

    Photography's great inventors, [Jan 01, 1965] Sipley, Louis Walton
    Used – Good $50

    Photography, Its Principles and Practice
    [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1942] Neblette, C. B.
    Used – Acceptable $12

    Photography: Adapted from the Life Library of Photography [ILLUSTRATED] [May 31, 1989] Barbara London Upton and John Upton 0673398420 $13

    South Southeast [Hardcover] [Aug 29, 2000] McCurry, Steve
    Collectible Signed by Steve - Like New $105

    Stereogram $8, by Howard Rheingold. 1st edition baperback. ©1994.
    A collection of three-dimensional stereogram images encompasses the work of leading contemporary stereo artists, including Christopher Tyler, Dali, facts about the development of the technology, and a look at it as an artistic medium. Gives a history including random dot, Autostereogram, Stereo Pair, Color Field Stereogram, Wallpaper Stereogram, computer generate stereogram.

    Stereoviews Illustrated: Fifty Early American
    [Jun 01, 1994] Norton, Russell
    Used - Very Good $35

    The Western Photographs of John McCain. Hiller's, Myself In The Water by Fowler, $20
    9x 11 inches 166 pages with dust jacket. Excellent like-new condition.
    Many 19th century Americans experience their first photographic glimpse of the American West to the lens and John K.. Hillers. As a photographer for the Smithsonian institution's Bureau of American Ethnology And for the United States Geological Survey, Hillers had an unparalleled opportunity to capture the dramatic "second opening" of the West.

    Significant amount of text that dicuss the subjects and the photographer.

    The History of Three-Color Photography, Wall, E. J, [Jan 01, 1925] published by American Photographic Publishing Company, Boston, Mass ©1925
    7 ¼ x 10 ¼ inches 748 pages, tight binding. - Very Good $275
    Former Kodak Research Library book. Interior is excellent. Cover is very good but has some residue from catalog tape on the binding. See photo

    Witness to our Time / Alfred Eisenstaedt, ex-library. ©1966. 10 x 13 inches over 300 pages of wonderful photographs by Eisy. With DJ and book cover. Banged up but interior pictures are fine and stunning. $5.