Perceptol and D100 in 120 size - Development Times

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    I did a search of threads with the above words, found umpteen threads and ploughed through as many as I could. It is difficult to narrow down threads which are specific to one question and if this has been answered before then please forgive me and indulge me as I couldn't find answers as specific as I really need.

    I have noted that the Ilford site gives times for D100 at box speed with Perceptol at stock, 1:1 and 1:3 which are 15mins, 17 mins and 22 mins respectively at 68 degrees F. So clearly D100 does respond quite well at box speed in Perceptol and I could go ahead and try these times.

    However I am interested in any users actual experiences of D100 at box speed in Perceptol and preferably at 68 degrees F but if your experience is at another temp then I can adjust to suit 68 degrees F. I find that my darkroom is around 68 and as development times are rather long, a higher temp is a little problematical.

    I found a couple of U.K. Perceptol users whom have used this combo at 1:3but in one case it was at EI 80 and in another case no mention was made of film speed. Additionally there seemed to be others who are D100 and Perceptol fans but specific info on speed, temp, dilutions and agitation was missing.

    I have also noted from some observations, Leon's in particular, that some loss of shadow detail may/does occur with Perceptol at box speed. Clearly if loss of shadow detail was significant then I would need to think again about this combo but that's where actual experience of others is invaluable.

    Finally I should add if I haven't made it clear that the film was shot at box speed so the die is already cast in that area.