Pentax AF-360FGZ, Mint-, in box

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    May 29, 2008
    For sale is a Pentax AF-360FGZ flash. I used it several times, but I've gone back to older film cameras.

    This is in like-new condition. It comes with original pouch, manual, and box.

    It is a TTL flash designed for Pentax cameras. It can be used with Pentax digital cameras or later Pentax film cameras. It also can be used with other cameras in Auto mode or Manual mode.

    The head tilts up so you can bounce it off the ceiling. The nice thing about this flash is that it has a built-in bounce card, so when you bounce it off the ceiling, there is a little bit of light that is thrown forward which helps eliminate shadows under eyes caused by the light coming down from the ceiling. It also has a built-in diffuser so spread the flash out at a wider angle and reduce harsh shadows.

    $180 plus $8 shipping within US.