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    Hi Folks,
    Back in the summer, when I first joined APUG, I wrote to ask if other people had had a problem with light leakage through and around the paper wrap on 120 EFKE film. The answers were that everybody did, and that I should be more careful. Point taken.

    Now I'm having a problem with the negatives I salvaged from that trip (22 rolls were partly fogged.) The good ones were processed carefully and saved in archival negative holders in a binder kept at room temperature, controlled humidity. They are now starting to peel apart. Starting at the end of the film strip nearest the open air, the emulsion has begun to separate from its backing and curl up, making those images unprintable. Have I simply got bad film? The other rolls, mostly Ilford HP5 and TMAX 400, are fine. I love the look of the EFKE 50, but I don't know what to do here.

    Help? Advice? Sympathy?

    Whitey :confused:
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    I would contact John at JandC and discuss this matter with him. I haven't heard anyone else raise this issue before.