Panasonic Lumix LX100 Camera

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    Probably one of the worst places to list this for sale, but I figured there might be a person out there who wanted a "manual" digital point and shoot camera.

    I purchased this camera originally thinking I'd use it to photograph our new son, as well as my wife, at times when the Hasselblad was just too inconvenient. I really don't like digital point-and-shoots (or SLRs...), but I thought if I bought the most "manual" point and shoot, that it'd be a nicer experience. There is a ring on the lens to select the aperture, another ring that can be used to control pretty much anything (I set it to control zoom, but it can control manual focus as well), as well as manual shutter speed settings, and a click-switch to select the aspect ratio--all things that were important to me. Still, I just don't enjoy using it--I much prefer shots taken with my Hasselblad, and for those spur of the moment things where the camera is too far away or I need a digital copy, the iPhone does a "good enough" job.

    The camera is in really great condition. It could just about pass for new if I still had the original boxes/wrapping

    More details from Amazon:

    I'm asking $400 + shipping/insurance. Includes a 32gb extreme SD card. I should still have all the original accessories (unless there was a CD--I probably threw that out since it probably just had some proprietary file editing system and I have Photoshop/Lightroom)--I just have to locate them as I only use the battery charger and put the card into a card reader to transfer files.

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