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Paint with light - tutorial..

Paint with light - tutorial..

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    Paint with light - tutorial.. - Paint with light - tutorial..

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    By Charles Webb - 07:30 PM, 04-27-2005 Rating: None
    Well done! I only wish I had, had this much information way back in the early 50's when myself and others began using the light painting technique to photograph train locomotives at night. Used many flashes with strobe light. I often used the technique in commercial applications, products, building interiors and exteriors with strobe and hot lights. But never thought of using it in an artistic way as you do. Thank you very much for posting this most excellent information. I think I still have an image in my gallery of a cave in in the Alpine Tunnel done in the early 60's.C Webb

    By gandolfi - 11:29 PM, 04-28-2005 Rating: None
    I'll go take a look at your image.
    I know this is an old technique for "dead" objects, but I don't know how old it is for alive things (humans and such)

    By JeffD - 04:38 PM, 08-08-2005 Rating: None
    I used to do a lot of cave photography. We did some things similar to this. I'd walk around and fire giant flashbulbs to paint the interior of large cave rooms. In one exposure, in the foreground, I would intentionally sillouette myself- all the other flashes were usually concealed behind rocks to give a slightly more natural look. Sometimes, we'd just use our headlamps to paint, but the light path is too narrow in a large room, and ends up with too many light lines.
    Here is an example by a friend: http://www.cs.indiana.edu/~willie/willie_adv05jul.html
    I think this was with a digital camera, so apologies to APUG purists!

    By Noah Huber - 06:29 AM, 08-12-2005 Rating: None
    Ahhh. . . Emil . . . I've been looking for you...
    So glad to have finaly "found you here"..
    I've been working with PWL for a very short time now.. but of course, it was from you that I first learned anything about it...