Packard Shutter on a Wollaston Meniscus

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    A customer wanted a way to use his Packard shutter with a Wollaston Meniscus lens.

    I machined a PVC sleeve for a gentle slip fit onto the Wollaston barrel.
    I then epoxy bonded it onto the back of his rather old Packard #5.
    (Packards never die, they don't even fade away...)

    If you'd like me to do the same, visit the Packard website...
    (I suggest a #6 with a 2-1/2" opening and the "instant" pin option.)
    ...and have them drop ship one to me.
    I'll bond a slip fit mounting ring onto your shutter for $25.
    It'll fit your Wollaston Meniscus just like it was made for it.

    If you're uncomfortable with drop shipping, ask me for a (marked up) quote.

    PM me.

    More about Wollaston lenses:


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