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    Just in case you didn't see this.
    Ok here we go.
    I did some checking. It seems that during May 20-22 is the "Rhoddi Festival" in Port Townsend. The cost for rooms will be higher then usual and many are booked already. I went furthur up to Port Angeles,Wa and they are having the "AA Round up" during the same time period. There was one hotel with prices of $50.-70. per room per day. This was at the Royal Victorian Motel. I don't know what its like. So, I went to Sequim, Wa. There I found the Sequim Bay Lodge. prices are $75-80. per room per night.
    Our choices are this. Do we stay with the date off May 20-22 or do we push back a month? Do we go to Port Angeles or Sequim? I await your call.
    Those APUGGER's that live or work in these areas. Please share with us. What is there to photograph? Where or what is there to eat and whats the best way to go?
    I'm thinking maybe we should push back a month and go to Point Angeles or Point Townsend.