P Hogan's Blu-blak Chemical Kit

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    Probably mainly aimed at UK APUGers as I suspect that the P Hogan range of chemicals may have only penetrated the U.S. and rest of Europe slightly. Just to set P Hogan in context, he is the maker of Prescysol, the staining developer which at least a couple of UK APUGers highly recommend. However in addition to Prescysol he makes a Blu-blak kit in which you immerse a print to bleach it back to nothing then immerse in the kit to get a stronger Dmax and rid the print of any colour cast.

    The end result is a contrastier very neutral print with rich(presumably much richer than before) blacks according to Peter Hogan.

    So has anyone tried it and if so with what results?

    By the way I can't translate P Hogan's Prescysol kit into U.S. prices but it is interesting to see that for U.K. comparison purposes Prescysol or Prescysol EF compares very favourably with Ilford DDX in terms of films developed.

    With my Jobo tank I get 20 35mm films per litre at about £12 with DDX. Based on the dilutions on P Hogan's website I'd get about 40 35mm films at about £13.