Orwocolor / Agfacolor development musings and advice needed

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    Am looking for a bit more advice on processing of older Agfacolor-type films.

    I have had good results developing some expired Svema DS4 with Orwo chemistry using the Orwo 5168 process. The main difference it seems between this and the earlier Orwo 5166 / Agfacolor formulae posted here by Ian Grant, is that 5168 introduced a sodium acetate / acetic acid stop-bath with a much shorter wash, and the colour developer is also slightly different:

    Orwocolor 14:

    A901 (Kodalk) - 5.0g
    Hydroxylamine Sulphate - 0.8g
    CD1 - 1.7g
    Sodium Sulphite - 1.2g
    Tetrasodium Diphosphate - 14.0g
    Trisodium Phosphate 12-hydrate - 11.0g
    Potassium Bromide - 0.90g
    Potassium Iodide solution (0.1%) - 5.0ml

    In this thread, PE notes that long wash in the older Agfacolor process avoids severe under-development of the bottom layer of the film.

    Now while my attempts have been pretty good so far, I am sure that the Svema film I have would have needed to be processed iin the older Agfacolor-style baths, perhaps to allow development of the bottom layer. I also wonder if the acetate stop bath might damage the emulsion of the DS-4 in some way.

    Question is: how different in properties are the developer I note above compared to the older Agfacolor version? Is it simply a case of how the solution is buffered? Orwo Rezepte indicates the pH is more or less the same. The only other difference I can see is that the above formula goes off pretty quickly, in a week or so.

    As I say, results with the DS4 have been encouraging, but am sure it could be better, and having now obtained some even older Svema film that looks like it may have been stored reasonably well, I'm keen to see if I can get very good images from both films.

    I have some 5168 chemistry - my thought was to simply eliminate the acetate stop bath, and wash for 15 minutes as per the older forumula. Will I / should I also introduce a magnesium sulphate intermediate bath? The bleach and fix of Orwo 5168 are the same as the Agfacolor foumula.

    Any advice or comment would be welcome!