One Day Kallitype Intensive Workshop

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    One Day Kallitype Intensive Workshop
    9am – 5pm Saturday April 13, 2013
    Pittsburgh PA USA
    Instructor: Tom Persinger
    Cost: $220 (+ small lab fee)

    Please join me for this one day Kallitype Intensive workshop. Participants will learn about the greatly underrated iron based Kallitype printing process and discover how with its deliciously long tonal scale it’s often referred to as the Poor Man’s Platinum print. The workshop will begin promptly at 9am with coffee/tea and discussion.

    Prior to start of the workshop participants will send 2 images that they’d like to print and I will prepare digital negatives ahead of time. We’ll mix chemistry, and discuss negatives and how to create your own, UV light sources, brushes and humidification, and then coat paper and create prints on different papers and using different developers to help understand how these variables change the nature of the final print.

    Participants will leave with several finished prints and the Kallitype Laminated quick reference card. We’ll also have some copies of my recent photo technique article “Making Contact: Hand-Coloring the Poor Man’s Platinum Print” to view and discuss.

    We look forward to spending the day with you!

    Space is limited.
    Maximum of 6 participants for an intimate workshop experience!

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