Olympus OM-10 tips and tricks?

Discussion in '35mm Cameras and Accessories' started by Hamster, Sep 24, 2009.

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    I just picked up a OM-10 as part of a kit (incl. Kiron 28mm/2!)for next to nothing.

    I already OM-1/2 so am thinking about passing on the OM-10 to a friend who is interested in using film. So far I have checked everything and everything is in order, pity it doesn't have a manual adapter.

    What I am curious is on how to use a Vivitar 283 with this camera. My search on the net say setting the switch to "Manual Adapter" when there is none gives 1/60 for flash sync. Can anyone confirm this to be true?

    Are there any hacks to use the Manual Adapter socket for other purposes, I remember there was one but can't find the site.

    Also is it true that OM-10 uses the same OTF exposure as OM-2/4 and LX? My impression so far is that the OM-10 is a very competent camera, equal or better than competing offerings, can't understand why it has such a bad rep.
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    Yes, set the switch to "Manual Adapter" to use a non-Olympus flash. The manual adapter is basically a variable resistor so I imagine it would be possible to make your own. The OM-10 does use a similar OTF exposure system for normal exposures but cannot do OTF flash like the OM-2 etc. It is a very competent camera but I think its reputation is down to reliability issues rather than absolute performance. That said, I bought mine new soon after they were launched, and AFAIK it still works fine.
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    Sep 19, 2005
    Setting the OM-10 to the Manual Adapter setting without the adapter in place sets the camera to a flash sync speed of 1/45th of a second. John