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    Oct 9, 2010
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    Does anyone remember Kodak Bromesko double weight paper? I thought this was a beautiful paper, as was Agfa Record Rapid. Is there an equivalent today?
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    Oct 2, 2010
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    You show your age, as do I by answering - If any papers could be revived they should be Kodak Royal Bromesko and Agfa Record Rabid - I have a print order to make on Monday, so not really the best time to be reminded of these papers

    I still cherish the colour of my 1970s Bromesko prints from the English Littoral portfolio, exhibited at the Art and the Sea exhibition at the the ICA in London in 1981 - http://www.jbaphoto.com.au/englishbeaches.html - The first of the square format English coastal pix, but that format is now a cliche - These were reprinted in 1985 on Ilford Galerie, nice, but very different in tonal resonance

    Agfa Record Rabid was my favourite for the early naked portraits

    For the printing on Monday for my Hong Kong agent I will have to make do with Foma
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