Nikor 67 enlarger (Honeywell, Rollei, etc.)

Discussion in 'Darkroom Equipment' started by rjas, Jul 15, 2006.

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    Jan 4, 2006
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    I've bought one of these enlargers with dichro head for less than $50 and will have it in my hands soon. From my searching on google groups and photonet it looks like the negative carriers for these are super sparse as no one can find a suitable replacement for them. Some people say the LPL C76 carriers work as the heads are identical, but I've been told by an owner that they absolutely don't because the negative stage assembly (right word?) is different. I've also read that the LPL 670/6700 series carriers may work, but one archaic post on google groups dating sometime in 1994 states that these don't.
    Does anyone have any idea what kind of carrier will work? Or will I have to take the only one that it comes with and get a machine shop to make duplicates in different film sizes? Sounds like an expensive solution for a cheap enlarger.

    Last question: If this enlarger comes with a 35mm mixing chamber (which it shouldn't as I think the LPL C76 which this color head actually should be only uses one size mixing chamber, but I've also read a post from somewhere around 1996 referring to different chambers for it) and I want to print 67, is it feasable to jerry rig my own? Doesn't seem too hard to make a white box with a diffuse material over it to fit in the enlargers head.

    Why am I even bothering with this enlarger if parts are so hard to find? It was the only enlarger nearby that wasn't being sold for a rediculous price, and it is a perfect size for my hobo darkroom. A local tried to sell me a beat up beseler 67s for $600!

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    I ahd one of these as my first enlarger. Gave it away about year ago to another APUGer because I didn't use it anymore. I had to make the 6x6 and 6x7 carriers out of black mat board, modeling them on the 35mm carrier. This work just fine and was cheap.