Nikon Sport Touch (AW35) & Fuji Discovery DL155

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    Jul 20, 2010
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    Nikon Sport Touch (AW35) $20.00 FREE SHIPPING -- Very good+ condition.


    The AW35 was Nikon's answer to the original Olympus Stylus/Mju, a weatherproof 35mm autofocus with a 35mm/3.5 lens.

    I really like this little camera, it is an excellent street shooter. While not as compact or stylish as the more heralded Olympus, it has a quieter autowind than the Mju, and is nice and stealthy. And for a compact camera, it has extraordinary build quality.

    Fuji Discovery DL-155 (Fuji Tele Wide DL-155) $15.00 FREE SHIPPING -- Excellent condition


    I currently have a roll of film in this one waiting to be shot. If I sell it before I get a chance to use it, it will come pre-loaded with a roll of Fuji Superia Extra 400, I guess. Drop in loading, dual focal length (35 and 55mm), solidly built and fully working. It looks like a really nice point and shoot. Probably worth more than I am asking for it.
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