Nikon MW-1 repair /help needed

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    Jun 17, 2013
    Hello APUGs

    Recently, I replaced the batteries in my Nikon MW-1 radio remote control receiver (the one that attaches to the motor drive). Unfortunately, I reversed the polarity of one battery, and left it there overnight. Next day, I found the battery compartment a mess, and some acid leaked into the receiver circuit.

    After cleaning everything, a fresh set of batteries were inserted, and the test light comes on, but no radio signal is not being received from the remote unit.

    I was able to locate and unscrew the 2 small screws inside the battery compartment, and can pull the guts out (upward) about 1/4", not farther, because the indicator bulbs protrude. Tried all kinds of tricks, no luck.

    My question is, does any one have an idea how to dissemble the unit? or have access to the repair manual, or know someone who can fix it?

    Many thanks
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