Nikon MF-26 multi-function data back for N90 (and maybe others I'm not sure)

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    Nov 21, 2002
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    Bought this used in 06 for $100. Works great, has more functions than an IBM mainframe lol. I have some tape holding the little door shut (duct tape of course - eh) as the magnet is a bit weak. You can download the manual for this puppy off the net. It looks a bit ugly but won't give you zits.

    Price $50usd

    I only take PayPal, shipping not included, sales to US, UK and Canada only. Shipping is from Calgary AB, Canada postal code T3A 5V4. Go to the Canada Post website to find out the shipping cost. I have no idea what the merchandise weights, check it out yourself on the web please. I will not reply to requests for shipping costs. You get 3 days to inspect. If you want to return merchandise it will be at your expense and must be received by me in the same condition it was sent to you in to obtain refund. These are my conditions, if you don't like them don't contact me. Sorry to be harsh, but in the long run it saves on miscommunication.

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