Nikon F80 nikkor 28-80 and Meyer Primotar 180mm for Exakta

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    Apr 1, 2006
    I'm selling my Nikon F80 and a Meyer Primotar 180mm f3.5 for the exakta mount.

    The F80 with a nikkor 28-80 zoom lens. This set is practically in new condition. I'm the second owner of this camera and have put around 10 rolls of film through it.
    I would like to get 50 pounds plus shipping for this set.

    I've had the meyer lens for a few years, but since I no longer have an exakta system, I have no use for it.
    It's also in great condition. Focus is a little stiff, but usable. There's the usual amount of dust in the lens, but no fungus or other nasty stuff.
    I would like to get 60 pounds plus shipping for this lens.

    Pictures of everything are here:

    I take paypal only. Shipping costs depend on where in the world you are.
    I'm in Denmark.

    I'm open for reasonable offers.