Nick Danziger in Ethiopia with Oxfam

Discussion in 'Photographers' started by Simon E, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Feb 28, 2005
    Those of you weary of grainy mono photos of starving people won't be enamoured with Nick Danziger's latest 35mm-based work for Oxfam.

    The Oxfam report:
    Click the link on the right to see Nick's photo essay. At the bottom of that page there's a zipfile at the bottom with some hi-res examples. EXIF data says the images were made with a Nikon Coolscan. I don't think they quite have the poetry of McCullin's work for Christian Aid a few years ago (the exhibition of which had me close to tears), but the message is pretty unambiguous.

    The comment piece from the BJP, which led me to the photos:

    There is more variety of imagery on Nick's own website:

    Oh, and if anyone chips in with "seen it all before" my response is: yes, and nothing has changed. That's thanks to us, the developed countries.
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    "Nothing has changed" . . . "thanks to us, the developed countries"? What is that supposed to mean?! Socialism, lack of democratic choice, bumbling economic policies, "leaders for life," corruption, and a host of other policies and practices chosen by a country that was never colonized (except for a very brief 5-year period of Italian conquest in the late 1930s) is the fault of developed countries? Countless billions of dollars in aid poured in by the US and Western countries (little or nothing from the rich oil states, by the way) and too many private foundations and aid groups to count and all this is the fault of "developed countries"!"

    Yeah, right.