Nicca 3-s Leica Thread Mount Rangefinder - Leica Elmar 5cm F3.5

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    I am selling a somewhat rare Nicca 3-s rangefinder (Leica thread mount) body. The camera is in excellent working condition with very clean shutter curtains, good shutter speeds and operation, a bright rangefinder, etc. The only issue to note it the flash contact designed for use with flash bulbs seem to be damaged and probably does not work. The contact for electronic strobes is good and I tested it. There were only about 1000 of these fine cameras made, so don't miss your chance to own a fully working one. Sold as shown with takeup spool. Price: $225 plus insured shipping

    Elmar 5cm F3.5. Beautiful coated Elmar collapsible from 1945. I had this CLA'ed recently and the condition is very good. At one time I thought there might have been a bit of residual haze, but I think now it is fully clear. There does seem to be a bit of coating deterioration on the front coating and a speck or two of possible internal dust, but the glass is substantially clean and clear and it will be a fantastic performer without doubt. The cosmetics are good, with some small spots of chrome loss on the barrel. I've set a modest price: $200 plus insured shipping

    NOTE: Free insured USA Priority Post shipping if both items are purchased together (they make a dynamite combo). Discounted International shipping for both.

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