New Stretcher Bars

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    We had some customers request stretcher bar frames with a more of riser than our current models. Our existing supplier did not offer this but we found one that did. In case you are not familiar with the term riser, it is the raised surface of the face of a stretcher bar that lifts the canvas up so that you do not see the face of the stretcher imprinted on the canvas. We have added 4 new stretcher frames to our selection: S260, S280, S310 and S320. All of them well over an inch tall so they are ideal for gallery wraps. In fact S310 is a full three inches tall. This new line is more expensive but that is because the new stretcher bars are actually milled in the USA and not imported.

    S320 is also the first stretcher wood that actually has a 1/8” rabbet on the back to allow added a foamcore backing after you have stretched your canvas on the frame.

    If you would like to give them a try you can use the APUG website promo code AP3865 for 12% off stretcher frames thru the end of March 2010.