New Public Eco Darkroom project in Vancouver, BC!

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    Dear fellow film aficionados,

    My name is Bastien Desfriches Doria, me and with my wife Virginie Lamarche are the owners of VNB Photo & the VNB Fine Art Photography Workshops ( in Vancouver, BC, a unique film photography curriculum dedicated to the teaching, promoting and publishing of contemporary Film Photography. We have recently taken up on ourselves the project of re-opening public darkroom facilities in downtown Vancouver, and have just launched this week our 40-day media and fundraising campaign. We are not only looking for financial support, but also as importantly for increased attention and interest from the film photography community, which why we are posting this information to APUG. The following is a link to our just-launched campaign:

    What really sets our darkroom project apart is the fact that it has been entirely conceived as the first ecologically minded public darkroom in British Columbia (and the rest of the world, as far as we know)! Our ambition is to reconcile previously mutually exclusive realities like environmental sustainability and darkroom photographic culture, while promoting both visual arts initiatives and ecological awareness in general. This Eco Darkroom will also help showcase the City of Vancouver's creative commitment to green development (Greenest City 2020 Action Plan), as well as Vancouverites' almost legendary care for implementing modern ways of life that natural habitats can afford. We're proud to announce that we have already partnered with the Vancouver-based Raincoast Conservation Foundation in order to illustrate that new solidarity-based relationship model between traditional photographic arts and Nature! The following link describes at length how we intend to do so:

    We are writing to share our Eco Darkroom project announcement with you all, and to ask if you would consider relaying this information in your own circles. We are also unfortunately in dire need of media coverage, so if anyone out there would be interested in taking a part to our project campaign and contribute to making our new film photography hub and work place a lasting Vancouver reality, please don't hesitate contacting us with any questions anytime.

    Thank you very much & long live film!

    Bastien & Virginie

    [V] 1.778.990.0957