New Project System installed to track APUG Development

Discussion in 'System Announcements' started by Sean, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I am putting a new system in place to manage the site development. It is now up and running (You'll notice the forum for this is directly below the Feedback forum).

    direct link:

    This is how it will work.. I will take bug reports and feature requests from the feedback forum and add them as formal projects. This allows me to get better organized, members to comment on the project, status updates for the project, and you can subscribe to the project to receive updates. Even better I can designate specific projects to coders and they can work on them, update the status etc. I'll be populating the projects and bug reports into the system over the next few days. The idea is that if I place something in there it WILL get done. I can't estimate how quickly but I'll make every effort to get it checked off the list.