New Price to sell... Jobo ATL-2300 Like new

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    Just priced this to sell.
    It has to be used as I can't anymore..... $2,275
    (of course it has to be picked up) :smile:

    Well, after my last spine surgery combined with progressive MS I am going to have to sell my minty Jobo-2300 Processor. This is really like new, being sold at a awesome price for a quick sale and comes with several Tanks and a couple dozens reels including a couple of 4x5 reels.

    I simply won't be able to stand for that long anymore. I'm sad about this as I built my darkroom for her. I'm going to continue developing B/W in my daylight tanks whereas I can sit. But it's that time.

    She develops C-41 and E-6 with Stunning results. Allows you to be quite flexable with your developing and you can custom program the runs and save them of course. Very, Very little use. When I purchased her last year it was from a police crime lab and they used her only 3 times. They purchased her new to use their budget money so they did not get less the following budget. No kidding. I drove over 1000 miles to pick her up and she's been cleaned to the max after each use.

    You can see her in a video clip at:

    I have to have this picked up locally as of course I can not pack nor even lift more then one pound, so if you know someone in the Central NJ area or can travel to me, let me know please.

    Any interested parties can contact me at

    Thank you.