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    Come and join us for some serious FILM FUN at VNB Fine Art Photo Workshops!

    This workshop explores the HOLGA camera and its unique aesthetics, while allowing students to take a first affordable step into medium-format photography (120 film).
    It is conceived for students already acquainted with 35mm black-and-white photography and/or some digital photography wishing to complement, perfect and diversify their photographic artistry with a twist of originality.

    The exploration of this low-tech but high-spirited photographic tool fulfills two simultaneous artistic goals: to freshen and stimulate the continuous building of personal creative visions, and to expand students' knowledge of photographic image-making processes beyond the 35mm/DSLR format.

    After a thorough technical lecture on how to prepare and CUSTOMIZE the HOLGA plastic camera to achieve reliable exposures, the workshop will rely on group critiques to provide students with the aesthetic guidance they need in the progressive building of their plastic analog portfolio.

    Also included: how to push and push-process medium-format films, how to test Holga apertures and film speeds, how to meter Holga frames, and more!

    VNB Workshops STUDENT DISCOUNTS on Holga cameras, film and many other photographic accessories at BEAU PHOTO, so you don't break the bank blasting some plastic cool in your photo!

    Registration now open online at

    Workshop runs every Monday evening 7-10 pm from February 6 through March 12

    More detailed info at: