New papers at B&S (call or write for samples)

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    Apr 7, 2005
    Just wanted to let people know that we are now carrying some new papers for hand coated processes. I am also sad to announce the demise of the Weston Diploma Parchment. It is still being manufactured, but Cranes sold Byron Weston papers to Southworth and it has become unusable. They are attempting to adjust their formulation for us, but only time will tell...

    Back to the new papers:
    Fabriano Artistico Traditional White 90lb - An extremely hard surface, so I find that it uses about 15-20% less coating solution than the other papers. I soak this paper in a 5% oxalic acid bath for 5 minutes or brush coat it with a 10% solution prior to sensitizing.

    Arches Platine: Why we didn't carry this paper until this point, I'll never know. Wonderful cool/natural colored paper that is the half brother of Bergger COT-320, since it is made on the same machine, in the same factory, to very similar specs. I find that the surface resists the coating solution a little more than the COT-320, which gives me more time to spread it evenly.

    Lenox-100: A nice, inexpensive paper for students and beginners who don't want to break the bank. According to Legion, this paper was designed to mimic the look of mould-made European papers.

    If you would like a free sample pack of paper, please call 877-817-4320 or e-mail me at (e-mail is easier than PMs for me). I am working on a comprehensive guide to all of our papers, but I have a preliminary work-in-progress that you can download in PDF format here:

    Be warned, dial-up users, it's a 800k file. I need to compress the JPGs some more.