New Paper Mat Colors and Wider Wood Frame

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    Nov 7, 2005
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    We have added 28 COLORS to our 4-Ply Paper Mat line. Samples are the best way to determine the actual color of the mats. Samples in quantity 5 or less are free. Greater than quantity five or a complete set is $10.00. (If included with an order the cost is $5.00.) The Papermat is not an archival mat. If you are interested in color archival mats, please feel free to email your suggestions for colors. We anticipate adding color archival mats in early 2008.
    Due to popular demand, we have added our widest wood profile yet. Our new Profile 506 Wood Frame is a substantial 1 ¾" inches wide and available in seven colors. Manufactured from high quality real wood, the profile is similar in appearance to our profiles 500 and 501. It's from a different manufacturer however, so the colors will not be identical to the 500 and 501. The profile 506 is hand-finished in the same quality manner as our other wood frames.
    We are have a special discount code for APUG members good thru the 15th of Nov’07 here.