New organizer or co-organizer for the Traveling Portfolio--any volunteers?

Discussion in 'Traveling Portfolio Project' started by David A. Goldfarb, Aug 23, 2010.

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    Hi Folks,

    With the general growth in APUG and moderating duties that come with that growth, a new job, and a three-year old at home, I haven't had the time I need to keep after the portfolios, answer queries, and generally nudge people to keep it moving. Today I was answering PM's about the portfolio that were a month old. I love the portfolio project, but there are only so many hours in the day.

    Would anyone like to volunteer to help out, or possibly take over the organizational duties for the Traveling Portfolios? I'd like it to be someone who has at least gone through a full cycle, inserting a print, getting it back, and inserting another print, and who is familiar with the whole process and the history of how we got here, and the kinds of things we've done with or that have happened to the portfolio along the way--some good things like organizing APUG gatherings or even the occasional gallery showing when the portfolio is in town, and some not so great things like having to track people down like a private investigator when the portfolio has gone missing.

    I'd be happy to do it jointly for a while and help out whenever the new coordinator needs any assistance. I'll still participate in the portfolio and will try to host gatherings when it comes to New York. But if someone who has a little more time to stay on top of it, maybe we could get the cycle time down from 2-3 years to 18 months, ideally.