New Haven's Photo Arts Collective Lectures

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    So I have been asked to put together the lecture series for the New Haven Photo Arts Collective and here are the topics I have to date - I am in the process of 'negotiating / cajoling / pleading / begging' with the speakers.

    January topic: contemporary American photography - a short survey
    February topic: tbd
    March topic: historical equipment
    April topic: toy camera photography
    May topic: children photography
    June topic: film emulsion making

    Once I have conformation of speakers and get closer to the dates, I will post announcements. Everyone in the area is invited!

    November's speakers are Michael Smith and Paula Chamlee! (Invited by someone else.)

    Meetings are on the first Thursday of every month at the Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven. The PAC is part of the Arts Council of Greater New Haven, the local advocate for the arts.

    Regards, Art.
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    Great I'm going