New Feisol CT-3441T Tall Traveler Class Tripod from Really Big Cameras

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    Apug Sponsor Really Big Cameras proudly announces the:

    New Feisol CT-3341T Tall Traveler Class Tripod

    The new Feisol CT-3441T Traveler Class tripod, available exclusively through Really Big Cameras, was created to provide a compact traveler style tripod for the photographer of above average height.

    The CT-3441S has always been one of our best selling models - for good reason. It is an excellent tripod for everyday use that folds down to a compact size capable of easily fitting in a carry-on size bag. However, it is a little too short for photographers of above average height to use comfortably without raising the center column a few inches. It is exactly for this reason that the new CT-3441T was created.

    The "T" stands or tall, and at 144cm/56.7" with the column unextended, the CT-3441T certainly lives up to its name. This new model was created by combining the legs of the CT-3442 Tournament Class tripod with the mainframe of the CT-3441S. A one-piece center column is featured to provide additional height when needed. The result is a tripod that is 16cm/6.4" taller than the CT-3441S, but only weighs 30g (1 oz.) more. The folded length is 5cm/2" longer than the CT-3441T, but at 48cm/18.9", it is still compact enough to fit in a carry-on bag.

    Max Height (Column Down) = 144cm/56.7in
    Max Height (Column Extended) = 172cm/67.9in
    Minimum Height (w/optional short column) = 20cm/8.0in
    Folded Length = 48cm/18.9in
    Maximum Leg Tube Diameter = 28mm/1.1in
    Weight = 1.03kg/2.27bs
    Load Rating = 10kg /22lbs
    Price = $319.00
    Optional CC-2807 Short Center Column = $25.00

    This makes the CT-3441T ideal for photographers 5'10" and taller. We still recommend the CT-3441S for photographers 5'8" and shorter, or when the absolute smallest folded size is required. Either model, the CT-3441T or CT-3441S is suitable for photographers between 5'8" and 5'10" tall. So, tall photographers rejoice! We heard your needs and created this new model to give you what you wanted. There is now a traveler style tripod just for you.

    Due to the compact size and light weight, the CT-3441T is also great for the tall photographer who likes to hike and backpack with their camera equipment. With 28mm diameter legs, it is also an excellent tripod for everyday use for many photographers and applications.

    For those looking for a ballhead to use with the CT-3441T, Really Big Cameras offers several models that fit within the reverse folded legs of the CT-3441T. The Feisol CB-30C and CB-40D both fit within the reverse folded legs of this tripod. As do the Photo Clam PC-30N, PC-33NS, PC-36N/NS and PC-40N/NS models. So, it's easy to find a ballhead to pair with the CT-3441T that is a good match for any gear, or any budget.
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