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Discussion in 'Darkroom Equipment' started by Robert, May 29, 2003.

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    Sep 10, 2002
    This morning I loaded some film into the tank. Needed to take care of some things so just left it. Well got back and finally got around to it. Didn't have any fixer so first made that. Then I got around to making up the developer. I wasn't really paying attention just stirring. It wasn't dissolving too quickly so I thought I'd move some of the stuff over to the table that I put the motor base on. Came back and all the sodium sulfite was a solid block in the bottom of the developer. Okay maybe not all but a good bit had done it's best impression of granite. Thinking it was only resting I start poking at it. Nope it's rock hard-( Stuck my thermometer in and it's reading 57F! What's up with that I though? Checked the room air and it's not much over 60F. Yikes. Seems a storm had blown in while I was in the basement and dropped temps down. I broke up the chemical chunks and stirred it some more. I decided to put the jug I was mixing in into a pail of hot water. That managed to get the temp up to 68F. Everything is okay now? Wrong. Seems the tank likes to fall off the motorbase if the lid is on the left of the base. Fine if it's on the right. Who would have known. Tank fell off the base twice-)) The first time when I was looking for the chair that had gone missing. Oops. Of course by the time everything was done air temps had risen back to 66F in the basement. After all this? Negatives seem just fine.